Gilad Ostrover

3D Animator

‎“Khaftsadi” ‎ character design project ‎

‎“Khaftsadi” ‎ commercial Mascot‎
Concept Art & 2D Design: “Khaftsadi” is a character design project for a commercial Mascot. The ‎customer owns & manages an annual festival called: "The Free Man Festival". This thorny, yet likeable character is the Festival’s mascot. ‎The inspiration for this design stems from the term: “T͡Sabar” ("Sabra" - a ‎thorny yet sweat desert fruit and a nickname for ‎native-born Israelis). (vector)

Logo Indie street art project‎
This Logo was designed for a special indie street art project. This initiative scatters auto-‎rechargeable miniature projectors on the city’s streets. ‎Each device has a tiny slide. Each slide ‎features images of a variety of ‎miscellaneous artworks and calligraphy. The slides are ‎projected at night time onto house ‎walls as an innovative form of illuminated graffiti, (thus the ‎‎name “Lightfitti”). The project is destined to display contemporary art. This is a new creative ‎way to tastefully decorate the streets ‎without contaminating the environment and with the ‎aim to minimize graphic vandalism. (vector)

Avocado Liqueur - branding project. Fulfilling customer's design requirements. (vector)


Designed for CLIPPER lighters. Sold worldwide.(vector)

Alarm clock  - cartoon (vector)

Ad design (vector)

Logo design for a new beverage (vector)

The Logo on bottles (designed by: Dean Lerman)

A poster - my gift to a friend on the occation of his new pub's openning night. (vector)

Seamless wall design in a large games booth exhibition.(vector)

Seamless graphics wrapping paper design (vector).
Inspired by Syrian "Khatam" - micro inlaid mosaic octagonal box.