Gilad Ostrover 3D animator

Gilad Ostrover

3D Animator

Here are my professional skills:

I am a highly knowledgeable and experienced 3D Animator & Modeler. I have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the laws of animation and of universal movement on the axis of time. I have excellent capability in creating emotional, facial expressions and acting of animated characters. Have lots of new ideas!

  • In-depth knowledge and experience in rigging and 3D animation characters setup.
  • Highly professional in human and facial animations.
  • High professional ability and in-depth knowledge in 3D lipsync.
  • Top level expertise & knowledge in models, textures and materials development.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in set-up for cameras and lighting.
  • Proficiency and experience in dynamics and particles.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with V-Ray.
  • Expertise in post production; compositing & VFX.
  • Games production workflow, assets and animation production, procedural VFX systems - Unity.
  • Variety of Concept Art & 2D Design projects.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of 2D classical animation.
  • Fast adaptation of new trends and software.
  • Excellent spatial perception.
  • Superior facility with a variety of tools.
  • Maya - animation, rigging, modeling, textures, materials and lighting at a very advanced level. Full control of Maya's modeling tools. Creating & submitting organic and mechanical models at high professional standards.
  • Lightwave 3D.
  • V-RAY for Maya and my own Rendering Power.
  • High professionalism and full control over Adobe's range of graphics tools.
  • Professional ability and deep knowledge in working with Nuke in complex projects.
  • Adobe Premier, video editing.
  • Adobe After Effects - effects, compositing.
  • Audio & recordings: Owning Focusrite professional Audio sound interface on a dedicated machine. Command of Cakewalk. Fully skilled in producing and icorporating audio in 3D animation works.

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